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Everywhere, all the time! It鈥檚 true because you don鈥檛 have to visit us in person to get your repair done swiftly鈥攜ou can initiate the process online, and then have the device sent to us and back using a parcel service.

As for in-person service, you will find 1CORE in Krak贸w and 艁贸d藕. For the addresses and opening times, go to Contact.

Our location in 艁贸d藕 is a Samsung service centre above all. Apart from that, the branch can serve as a collection point for the other brands we work with: Apple and Oppo.

This means you can leave your device at Piotrkowska street鈥攂ut then we鈥檒l redirect it to our Krak贸w service centre, and only there our experts will attend to it. Once repaired, it can be sent back to 1CORE 艁贸d藕 or to you directly, as you prefer.

You can also initiate the process online right away and have the device sent to 1CORE Krak贸w鈥攊t鈥檚 the quickest way. To do so, click Request service at the top of this page.

Sure! And it can be the other way around too, if you wish: then you would send the device to us, using a parcel service, to finally collect it in person鈥攂ecause you鈥檇 be in the area anyway, for instance.

Regardless of your preference in this respect, you can initiate the repair process right away, upon clicking Request service at the top of this page.

IMEI is a unique number identifying your device. It is a sequence of 15 digits. SN is the serial number鈥攊ts purpose is the same.

The fastest way to access it is to 鈥渄ial鈥 *#06#. The number displays on the screen then.

IMEI / SN is also indicated on the original box, in your purchase receipt, and in device information accessible through the system menu.

Just in case, note down your IMEI / SN before you dispatch the parcel.

If you鈥檙e unable to find the unique number of your device, choose 鈥淚 don鈥檛 have 鈥︹ when requesting the repair online.

Preferably鈥攗se the original box. But if you don鈥檛 have it, don鈥檛 worry: we鈥檒l accept your device for repair anyway. If the latter is the case, just place it in a similar packaging.

Then, pack this box鈥攐riginal or not鈥攊n external packaging: a suitable, larger cardboard container. Eliminate free space inside using bubble wrap or a different filling material. The point is to prevent the smaller box from moving within the larger one in transit.

Finally, tape the packaging, so that the parcel does not open before reaching its destination.

Delivery cost is covered by the service centre鈥攑rovided that repair actually takes place.

With devices which do not require repairs after all, we charge for the diagnostics performed. You can find the cost of diagnosing a device among our Prices.

According to manufacturers鈥 procedures, the service process involves installing special software on the device being repaired. This may require us to erase all data (Samsung)鈥攖herefore you鈥檇 want to have backups.

We offer a paid backup service, which includes restoring data to your device once the repair is over. For the cost, see our Prices.

Note! Sometimes鈥攙ery, very rarely, but still鈥攂acking up or restoring data fails, in part or in full. Having that in mind, try to make your own copies of what is most important to you before you bring or send in your device for servicing.

Well, it depends on how much there is to be done: how complex is the issue, whether any special components are required, etc. In any case, we can offer a replacement device for the waiting time.

Our guarantee is that any repair concludes within 14 days from the date we receive your device. Basic actions鈥攖hose most common, involving the screen or the battery alone鈥攃an be performed in an hour, even: ask for VIP Express.

Upon requesting repair鈥攖hat is, completing the service order鈥攁n email is sent to you, confirming it. You will receive a message like that whether you initiate the process online or in person at 1CORE.

Afterwards, you can click the link contained in the email, at any time, to check in on the repair of your device. Or you can use the Repair status button at the top of our website鈥攖hen you鈥檒l have to enter your order number (or IMEI), which is also found in the message.

The fact of completing the repair鈥攁nd, accordingly, having the device sent back to you or inviting you to collect it (as selected when you initiate the process)鈥攊s communicated in a separate email or phone call.

Naturally, yes鈥攁fter all, we鈥檙e an authorised service provider! We issue 24-month warranties for Samsung and Oppo devices. With Apple, the warranty period is 12 months, plus we grant a 24-month consumer guarantee.

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