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Informacje o urządzeniu


Service handling the order

The repair will proceed most smoothly if you provide us the IMEI / SN of your device.
If you’re not sure what these are, or where to find them—see our FAQ.

Choose the type of repair

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Below, please describe what’s wrong with your device. The more information / observations you provide, the better.

If you believe you know what caused the malfunction, be sure to mention it!

Amount without contact

Specify the amount up to which we can perform the repair without contacting you.

Reference number

Do you want to mark the application with your own reference number ? Enter it here.

Screen lock and your data

All your data will be deleted, unless you provide us with a lock code, in which case we will do everything we can to protect your data. Do you want to make a backup?

In order for the data to be backed up, remember to disable the lock - or give us access:

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Do you want add more than one device in one service request (shipment)?
Register in our service system, which allows you to report up to 30 repairs at one time.

Customer details

How will you deliver your device?

After you order the repair online, it will be necessary to send a shipment with the device. By choosing InPost or UPS, you will benefit from free door-to-door service. If you prefer to send the package to us via another carrier, the cost of such shipping will not be covered by us.

You do not need to print any label - we will give you a code, which you just need to put on the carton with a suitably clear pen. Go to any InPost parcel machine

We will give you a label to stick on the carton, which you must print yourself. The courier will pick up the package or you can take it to the nearest UPS Access Point.

Schedule courier pickup

Scheduled pickup date*

Scheduled courier collection between: 9-15

How do we return your device?

Selected parcel machine:

Change parcel machine

Looks like we now have all the required information. Just in case, make sure below that no mistakes have been made—this way we’ll avoid unnecessary delays in delivery and repair.

Your data:

Device data


Type of repair


Delivery method

Return method

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