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Being an authorised service centre, we provide services to operators, large formats, insurers, small, medium, and large businesses, enterprises, as well as units of local and national governments. You can put trust in our experience — we’ve been operating invariably since 2005.

— Dedicated Account Managers
— Repair times tailored to the Client’s needs
— End-to-end logistics covered
— Hotline for your customers, if needed
— Taking as much weight as possible off the Partner, from request to completion.

We have an optimised repair management system for the B2B sector, ensuring streamlined and hassle-free handling of orders. Processes run especially smoothly with a database of the Client’s IMEI / serial numbers that we keep.

With tools like these, it is easier to analyse data which translates into your organisation’s decision-making. Instead of time spent collecting and processing information, you get customised reports, generated automatically by our system at the click of a button.

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Urzadzenia firmy Apple.
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Znak certyfikatu ISO 9001, oznaczający, że firma jest certyfikowana.


We are ISO 9001-certified, which confirms highest standards of customer service—in both B2C and B2B. This allows us to work with insurers and other large organisations.

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